Arizona State deploys G Suite in less than two weeks


The Arizona State University (ASU) Technology Office was frustrated that its IT staff was spending so much time patching, upgrading, and maintaining software and hardware systems that did not fully meet their needs. Expenses spiraled as the university was forced to spend more on spam filters, virus protection software, and storage upgrades. They wanted to move users over to an entirely new system, but in a way that would not prove too disruptive or costly.

"G Suite for Education is helping ASU become a highly flexible university that can provide extraordinary technology experiences for its students."

Kari Barlow, Assistant Vice President, University Technology Office


After studying a number of alternatives to its hardware and software email system configuration, ASU chose to deploy G Suite for Education (at the time called Google Apps for Education). They achieved the transition seamlessly, in less than two weeks, and were able to significantly lower administration costs.They saved more than $350,000 a year on the mail system alone. The new system was secure, intuitive to use, and easy to maintain--thus freeing up valuable IT resources to focus on creative technology projects.

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Arizona State University (ASU) is the largest public university by enrollment in the United States. In 2006, ASU made G Suite for Education available to its 65,000 students. In less than two weeks, ASU had configured and deployed G Suite and integrated it with their home-grown single sign-on and user provisioning system. A year later, the rest of the community--including faculty, staff, and alumni--were migrated onto G Suite.

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